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Here is the latest :

Examhelper now hosts online exercises especially for Hindi, English and EVS.  These exercises have been created using a software called "Hot Potatoes".  They are all in HTML format and can be completed online.  No need to use paper anymore!!  And the best part is they can be attempted any number of times.  I have used the online exercises mainly for image intensive material.

Also the exercises are self correcting i.e. the score appears the moment you press the "Check" button on the page.  The incorrect answers are left for the student to attempt one more time.  The score is 100% if all answers are correct at the first attempt.  The percentage reduce according to the number of incorrect answers and the attempts made.  If one wants to restart the exercise, simple press F5 or the refresh button on your browser.

Here is the link  http://examhelper.weebly.com/online-exercises.html

Happy studying