Dear Parents and Teachers,

Welcome back after the summer vacation.  It’s been two weeks since the schools reopened and its time for updates!

I hope the worksheets for Grade 1 were useful to you and your children.  I wish to sincerely thank all of you, who have written to me with encouraging words.

Now for the new material on the site for Grade 2 students :

1. Mathematics    :     Revision from Grade 1  
                                          Number name exercises up to 1000
                                          Write the numbers up to 1000
                                          Expanded notation

2. English :  Punctuations
                       Articles – a, an, the

3. Hindi : Numbers 1 -50
                   Short “o” ki matra
                       -         Join letters
                       -         Make sentences
                    Long “o” ki matra
                   -         Join letters

-         Make sentences



Keep writing in your comments and suggestions.  I will keep all of you posted on the updates for the site.