Dear ExamHelper Subscribers,

ExamHelper has been in operation for more than 18 months now and has crossed the 100 subscriber count. Worksheets have been downloaded in 90+ countries. I wish to acknowledge the support that all of you have shown for my site. You folks have been great!

When I started ExamHelper, my mission was to ensure that quality worksheets are available for our kids to help them understand the subjects and do well in their examinations. I sincerely hope that the worksheets have been useful.

I have bigger plans for ExamHelper and one of the changes that I plan to introduce from the start of the academic year in June is paid content.

Here are the plans:

a)  ExamHelper will continue to be a freely accessible site.

b) For Preschool  and Kindgertan, all the worksheets will be available and downloadable for free.

c) For Std 1, Std 2 and Std 3 – we plan to move to a paid model. The subjects that we plan to cover under this for all the standards are English, EVS, Hindi and Mathematics. For each subject, we will have a large number of worksheets and question paper sets – all carefully prepared covering all the necessary material. We plan to be as flexible as possible with pricing options available for all subjects, individual subjects and even a choice to opt for either question sets or worksheets only for any of the subjects.

d) For example, you can choose the complete package for Std 1 in which case you get all worksheets and questions sets for all 4 subjects i.e. Mathematics, EVS, English and Hindi. However, if you want just question sets for all 4 subjects or individual subjects, you could choose that. If you want worksheets for all 4 subjects or individual subjects, you can do that too.

e) Any new worksheets/question sets added during the course of the year will be delivered to you free of charge as part of your subscription plan.

f) Once we receive the payment for your subscribtion, the material will be emailed to you in an easy to browse package which you can access from your home computer.

We currently do not have plans to deliver in print medium to you. But in case you have any special requirements or even additional material that you want, please feel free to contact me.

We plan to have the new model up and running by first week of June. I want to keep the process as open as possible and wish to get feedback from parents about what you think about it.

I thank you once again for your support for ExamHelper. And be assured that our goal of delivering quality content and saving your time is important to us.

Please feel free to contact me in case you have any questions/suggestions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,
Devyani Irani

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