Dear Parents and Teachers,

I hope you have found the Examhelper website to be useful so far. 

Since my first blog post I have made some changes to the site in terms of content as well presentation.

The “Subjects” now appear as a part of Practice Exams under Grade 1.  Also I have added a couple of more grades, namely Preschool and Kindergarten.  As also a separate section for Grade 1 and Grade 2 has been created. 

  1. Preschool : This page has Alphabet recognition coloring pages in a binder form (pdf).  A separate binder for Alphabet coloring pages with corresponding picture. Number recognition (1 to 10) also added as a separate “pdf” booklet.
  2. Kindergarten : English worksheets for Vowels and consonants, writing worksheets for A-Z divided into 3 parts.
  3. Grade1:Several Math worksheets added covering a variety of topics.  
  4. English language and grammar worksheets for vowels, beginning sounds and sentences added.
  5. Hindi worksheets: Join letters to make words, Choose correct letter to make words, Fill in the blanks (letters), Make
Thanks for your support.

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