Dear Parents and Teachers,

Welcome back after the long break.  Hope you had a good and relaxing Diwali vacation.

Now for the latest updates and additions to the site.

1.      Grade1: Math worksheets added for Ordinal Number practice

2.      English language and grammar worksheets for the following has been included :

          i.         Use of articles - A, an, the 
         ii.       Adjectives
        iii.      Plurals ending with ‘s’ and ‘es’
        iv.     Pronoun exercise
         v.       Short and Long vowel sounds

3.      Hindi worksheets:  
       A ki matra

          i.         Join letters to make words
         ii.       Match pictures
        iii.      Complete sentences
        iv.     Fill in the blanks
      Aa ki matra
            v.       Join letters to make words
           vi.     Identify pictures

4.   EVS Worksheets
        i.         Good Habits
       ii.       Means of Transport
      iii.      Community helpers

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