Dear ExamHelper Subscribers,

I am happy to inform you that I have successfully incorporated a new company called "Mind Storm Software Private Limited".   The brand of Examhelper will now be brought under the newly formed entity.  This has been done purely to allow easy management of affairs and growth of ExamHelper.

 The first thing I would like to list down is the amount of content that you will be getting for each of the Subjects in the 3 Grades that Examhelper supports today. The number of Worksheets (WS) and Question Sets (QS) are shown below:

                    Subjects                  English              Maths                Hindi                   EVS
Grade                                      WS         QS           WS        QS       WS         QS           WS         QS
Grade 1                                      30           10           152        16         43          12            43           13
Grade 2                                      47           11           131         16         56         13
                                                                                                                           4 lessons       54          11
Grade 3                                   *45+       *10         250        *15+     *40+  * 10+     53        *10+

*Grade 3 – These are approximate figures.  The same are under process.

We will be putting up detailed Table of Contents for each of the Worksheets for each Grade subject as part of our website, so that you can see what worksheets you are going to get. We strongly believe that the pricing for the content that you will be getting is fair value.  

Online exercises like crosswords, matching exercises etc., for all subjects will be available FREE of cost and they will regularly added over the course of the year.  

We want to give maximum choice to you in terms of ordering material. The easiest option is to choose the Full Grade Pack, which will give you all worksheets and question sets for all 4 subjects. But we understand that you might be only interested in a certain subject and maybe just the worksheets or question sets for that subject. You can do that too. Just pick which subjects you would want if you would like only question sets or worksheets. We have a pricing for all these combinations.

The  following is the pricing for Grade 1and Grade 2

All Subjects Worksheets + Question papers                  Rs. 1800/-    USD 45

Worksheets only - per subject                                             Rs.  300/-      USD 8

Question sets only - per subject                                         Rs.  200/-       USD 5 

Grade 3 
All Subjects Worksheets + Question papers -                  Rs. 1950/-  USD 50

Worksheets only - per subject English, Hindi, EVS       Rs.300/-     USD 8

Worksheets only Maths                                                             Rs. 450/-    USD 12

Question sets only -  per subject                                            Rs. 200/-    USD 5

How can you purchase the material ? Currently, we have planned the following modes of payment and hope that one of them is convenient for you. They are:

1. Mail in cheques,
2. Direct deposit in the given bank account number in a branch of the same bank near you
3. Overseas buyers : Paypal

Before making the payment, you will fill up an order form which can be done online. If you are mailing in the cheques, you will need to attach a copy of the order form or mention the order details on the back of the cheque.  On receipt of your order and payment (in case of cheques – on clearance), you will receive a PDF file with all the ordered sheets, which you can then print as per your convenience.The details for the new website will be available soon and as per current plans, we hope to have the site running and accept orders by first week of June.

Thank you for your support to Examhelper and looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship.

Should you have any questions and feedback, please let me know about it at

Devyani Irani
5/22/2011 21:21:05

Is any option is available for the printed work sheets and questions?

5/23/2011 01:22:50

Hello Mr. Padmanabhan,

As of now, we don't have the printed worksheets/questions option. It is a possibility we might introduce it if there is a demand for it. This facility, if provided, would be available only for delivery within India (shipping charges to be borne by the customer). The quantity of worksheets being over 300 the printing and shipping costs could be high. The idea behind the e-version of worksheets is that they can be printed multiple times whereas the printed worksheets can be used only once. As you must know, our worksheets are extremely printer friendly i.e. they are not image intensive.


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