Dear Parents and Teachers,

The latest updates and additions to the site.

Grade1: Math worksheets added for Skip counting by 2, 3 and 5 worksheets

2.      Hindi worksheets: 
Aa ki matra
Make new words (3 worksheets)

Four Lessons for Hindi as done in class for students of Thakur public school

3.   EVS Worksheets

Means of Transport (worksheet 4)
Community helpers (worksheet 3)
My home
Types of houses

4.   English Literature (for Thakur Public School students)

      Lesson no. 22 Garden plots.


Luiza D'costa

Hi Devyani,

Excellent website. It is of great help to me especially the Maths paper as it saves a lot of my time to sit & write down the questions for Nathan. Though his syllabus does not match, but still the Maths paper hleps a lot.

Thanks a ton



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