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Grade 1

Online exercises

Animals around us  :
Animal homes matching
Animals sounds  matching
Animals young ones match
Animals around us scramble

Verb crosswords - 2
Prepositions crossword

PDF Format

EVS- http://examhelper.weebly.com/evs-worksheets.html
Animals around us word search
Animals around us puzzle
animals around us worksheets  (2)

Hindi - http://examhelper.weebly.com/hindi-worksheets.html
Short i sound
Join letters to make new word - 2 worksheets
Make new word by adding a matra
Make sentences

Long i sound
Join letters to make new word
Make new word by adding a matra
Make sentences

English literature http://examhelper.weebly.com/english-literature1.html
A fine afternoon

Maths - http://examhelper.weebly.com/maths-worksheets.html
Number line addition - 2 worksheets
Number line subtraction
One Blank number line sheet - One can fill up their own sums after printing.

Grade 2
User contribution by Varsha Rajput

My Body
My senses

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Srimathi Venkatanaryanan
2/21/2010 08:45:56

Good site and a very good initiative. This is certainly going to be useful to both the teacher and parent community.

In our school we lay emphasize on more drawings (pictorial) representations so that the teaching / understanding is accelerated. If you would like I can share some of the worksheets that I have prepared for your ready reference.

All the best


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