I hope that the worksheets on the site have been helpful to you.  

Grade 1 

EVS http://examhelper.weebly.com/g1-evs-exams.html

Practice Exam 3
Good habits - http://examhelper.weebly.com/g1-evs-worksheets.html
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3

Maths - http://examhelper.weebly.com/g1-maths-exams.html
Practice exam 3
Practice exam 4
Practice exam 5 

Addition Practice - http://examhelper.weebly.com/g1-maths-worksheets.htmlExercise 1
Exercise 2 
English grammar http://examhelper.weebly.com/g1-english-worksheets.html

Noun - Group names/Collective nouns
Exercise 1

Grade 2

EVS - http://examhelper.weebly.com/g2-evs.html
Practice Exam 3

Maths - http://examhelper.weebly.com/g2-maths.html
Practice Exam 3

Hope you find the worksheets useful.  Please send in your comments and suggestions. 

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